SSD seems much slower than it should be

Hey guys,

Just received a Samsung 830 256GB SSD today and have installed Windows 8 Pro 64bit on it.

I looked at quite a few reviews before buying this drive and after performing benchmarks myself I've noticed that the SSD isn't getting scores that are anywhere near as good as the ones shown in reviews.

Here are my results:

Just wondering if this is the sort of speed I should be getting from a brand new SSD? Everything seems to be blisteringly fast with a new copy of Windows installed but those benchmark results seems to show otherwise!

Any ideas why it's getting slow :( results and how it can be fixed?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Edit: The SSD is plugged into a Marvell SATA III connection and I've enabled AHCI in the bios.
  2. i think marvel could be the problem.
  3. The only other connections I have on my motherboard are SATA II ;~;

    Should I use those instead?
  4. Try different ports, try maybe a different testing program. Weak point of SSD's is their controllers. That could be busted. Happened to me, same experience.
  5. Here are the results with the SSD plugged into my SATA II ports:

    I'm guessing it's dodgy Marvell ports... Guess I'll be either buying a new Motherboard with true Intel SATA III ports or a SATA III PCI expansion card, recommendations?
  6. A card is probably a cheaper option than whole new motherboard.
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