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Performance Advantage in two mobile cpus

hat is the performance advantage of the i7-620m over the i3-330m for normal day to day use web browsing, word documents?
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  1. Hello fab954fab305;

    Here is a comparison of those two CPUs. Both are dual core CPUs
    Passmark CPU benchmark scores:
    Core i3 330M @ 2.13GHz = 1978
    Core i7 620M @ 2.67GHz = 2731

    You would probably notice the better performance of the 7 620M, especially when you do heavy multi-tasking multiple Word documents open, with MS Powerpoint or Excel also running.
    For web browsing, you probably won't notice the difference as much.
  2. So would it be worth it to upgrade it now or just leave it as is for that amount of money?
  3. How much is the difference in price?
  4. Well I currently already have the 330m but the 620m is about $400. Just wanted to see if it was worth the $400.
  5. Not worth $400.
    Dell website only wants an extra $180 to upgrade a Latitude i3-350 to i7-620. It might just barely be worth the upgrade at that price.
  6. Ok well that's good to know before I bought it. Maybe intel will come out with a more worthy chip in time. So basically I should be ok with this current 330m for the tasks listed then. No movies, games, encoding. Just basic office things.
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    It's good for all the basic home office stuff.
    And it's actually good for home entertainment stuff as well. Music and videos without a problem. Basic card and board games won't be a problem. And it will even run some 3D games - just at low graphics settings in most cases.

    Audio and video encoding - you can actually get that stuff done with the i3-330M. It would just take longer than a desktop quad core system.
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