Graphic Card cable connector to MoBo jack issue

I just installed an ASUS EN9500 GT 1GB graphics card in a HP m9500n replacing the OEM ASUS 256 GeForce 8400 GS. (I also replaced the OEM PSU with a Silverstone 600W).

My trouble is the OEM and supplied card of blue/black wires connecting the card to the MoBo don't match. The board is a 3 pin SPDIF 2 jack while the necessary supplied cable is a 4 pin flat connector. The supplied card cable doesn't fit the MoBo jack, and the OEM jack doesn't fit the new card.

Please help!

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  1. I'm learning more about the tiny S/PDIF cable and its purpose of HDMI audio and this connection between the motherboard and the graphic card. But why are the cable jacks not of a common configuration? And how can I get them connected with the proper cable/jacks?
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