MSI P67A-C43 B3 Intel P67 Mobo - S/PDIF Coax Sound Issues

I recently put together a new PC with the MSI P67A-C43 B3 Intel P67 Mobo and am having some issues with the digital coax out to my digital 2.1 speakers. The speakers worked fine with my ancient SB card, so I know those aren't the issue. The issue I'm having is a clicking sound before and after sound almost as if the output is activating to play the sound and then deactivating when done. It stays on and plays fine when gaming, however it's very annoying when doing other windows tasks that involve sound as it's making the clicking sound constantly. I opened a ticket with MSI and they simply told me to RMA the board, but I don't feel like ripping everything apart and I really don't think it's a hardware defect. Has anyone else ran into this, or have any ideas on a fix?

Link to mobo:
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  1. fixed my issue, I ended up removing the realtek drivers/apps and creative junk that MSI included in their "live update" utility and everything seems to be fine now.
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