PSU gone bad?

I have a core i7 system on a p55 based MSI Big Bang Fusion motherboard. I have 4GBs of GSkill Ripjaw 2100mhz ram, that I have clocked only at 1600mhz. A PC P&C Silencer 750watt power supply with a core i7 860 processor. Video card is Radeon 4870x2. Windows 7 Professional 32bit

My computer was just fine till the other day, I started up a video game the other day and it gave me a blue screen of death. and now my computer refuses to post. I thought at first it was video card, so I tried another. same issue. so then I put in another set of ram out of a friends PC, still didn't post. So I just read an article on hard booting a PSU to test it. My psu tested just fine. Though I don't know if perhaps it just isn't handling the load.

All of my components are top brand names and the PSU is way more than efficient enough to run my rig as configured. My motherboard has a monitor that tells you where it is at during post. it is actually designed to allow you to overclock in windows but it still works for a post reader. It just says initiating RAM and shuts down. Thus why I thought it was a RAM issue although I disproved that today. Any advise would be appreciated. I am not a novice at this, I just don't have any spare parts at the moment to start testing.

Thank You
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  1. Thanks for the input, but not the answer I was looking for. PC has been up and running free and clear for 7 months.

    I did get a brand new OCZ power supply a little bit ago and plugged it all in. It was a no go.

    I think it has something to do with the BIOS, it has a clear CMOS button and I have cleared it a few times. But when I took the battery out a minute ago and started the computer up it started farther. I didn't have a Video Card in it to see where it went. but I am about to put it back in and put a bios flash on a USB stick and see where I get from there.
  2. When you take the battery out, in order to clear the CMOS, leave it out for 5 minutes. This will reset it to factory defaults.
  3. Have you made any headway on your problem?
  4. cmcghee358 said:
    Have you made any headway on your problem?

    Thank you everyone for your input.

    It appeared to be a few problems. It seems that when my computer restarted over and over from the BSOD that it somehow corrupted the bios. I finally got into it enough to reflash it. then after I got my computer up and running found that the start of the whole error was my RAM going bad. now that I have my ram way underclocked it is running just fine. now I just have new ram on the way.
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