New Build boot issues, will not post sometimes.

Hey guys I'm having some problems with my new build. Sometimes when I press the power button, fans, lights and everything else powers on but no boot up into windows, just a no signal message on the screen, when this happens I notice the keyboard and mouse do not light up and the hdd indicator light on the case is not on either only the power indicator light is on, I guess indicating that there was no post.

When this does happen I press the reset button and it restarts and boots into windows without a problem and it runs with no issues, the same thing happens sometimes when I try to bring the pc out of sleep. It powers on from sleep but never starts windows, it just stays there with a no signal message on the screen and suffers from the aforementioned symptoms, although if I press the reset switch it will resume windows from sleep. I have updated to the most recent bios and taken a look inside the case and for the most part everything looks good, I'm running on stock too no overclocking.

Days after my build before the above mentioned issues I noticed that when I would adjust the fan controller on the case front panel not the (Sentry LX) my system would automatically restart, I noticed this happened again when I tried to plug an external hdd to the front panel USB. After this happened I took a look underneath the panel to see if I could find a short or something but its mostly plastic not much metal and its not very accessible, so I just went over some of the wiring to make sure things look ok.

I haven't had any issues since but then again I don't often mess with the front panel but I did test all the inputs with a jump drive while it was running to see if would restart but nothing, I've read about other people having issues with some cases causing this problem. I'not sure if this issue has anything to do with the boot problem I'm having but I thought I would mention it just in case.
Thanks for any help with this guys I really appreciate it.

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2GHz
COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus
CORSAIR Dominator 4GB 2x2 DDR3 1600 CL8 CMD4GX3M2A1600C8
HITACHI Deskstar HD31000 IDK/7K 1TB 7200RPM 32MB
NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
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  1. These symptoms all point to a faulty power supply, both the not starting up and resetting when adjusting the fan or inserting a USB device. I could be wrong but it is hard to see what else could be causing your problems particularly the resetting when adjusting the fan speed.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I have another power supply that I can check but since I checked underneath the front panel and did a little cable management I haven't had any other issues with the front panel and I just checked it again.

    I just noticed the back plate for the cpu cooler behind the mobo, the 2 lower screws have me concerned, they are touching the case, could this be causing the boot up issues. I would post a photo of this but not sure how, I only see insert image thru a url, do I have to upload it to a page first and then link the url to here?

    Always be cautious if you have a suspect PSU. Try the other PSU if you know its a working unit.
  4. So I tried another working PSU and same results. I opened the case to look inside as I turn on the system and after I press the power button everything powers on except for the cpu cooler fan, then I press the reset button and the cpu cooler starts up and the system starts up along with windows.
    I'm confused.
  5. On some mobos, if it doesn't detect a fan or min RPMs, it won't put the CPU in peril and just won't continue with the boot process. For whatever reason, the fan isn't running on initial power being applied. So it's either the fan, or could be the mobo also. Given your other issues, I'd say the mobo would be the issue. There's no easy way to confirm this one.

    I'd take out all fan controllers from the loop and just use the mobo headers for the CPU fan. Forget the case fans for the time being, keep the side off if it makes you feel more comfortable. See if the issue persist. If not, then a controller might be causing issues. If it does, the mobo would be my guess.
  6. I just pulled out the mobo and reseated the ram, cmos battery and all connections to double check everything and I do have the cpu fan connected to the mobo not the fan controller. So if its the cpu cooler fan would it still run even tho it runs when I press the reset button and everything strange....then again like you said it could be the mobo, its so crazy tho bcuz if I hit the reset button it boots and runs without any issues. So frustrating trying to get this to work and trying to find the time to do it since I need this for school among other things. Thanks again!!!...if you have any more ideas please let me know.
  7. Check the bios to see if you can override the CPU fan monitoring and then plug the CPU fan into the chassis fan header. Shot in the dark, but might be a workaround till you can get Asus to make this right.
  8. Thanks I really appreciate it, Ill try that as soon as I test it with the stock cooler that came with the cpu.
  9. Actually Ill try your advice first just not to waste the pre applied thermal paste on the cooler. Thx again.
  10. So I pulled the mobo out of the case and after some tests I noticed that the problem only occurs when the mobo is connected via the onboard HDMI. I tested it while it was connected via the onboard VGA and no problems. It seems that the mobo does not detect a video source thru HDMI but it does thru VGA. I looked on Asus website forums and found other owners of this mobo running into the same issue but no answers yet. Uhg........
  11. That sounds like a good position to be in. At least you have an answer and hopefully Asus can find a fix and take care of you for the frustration.
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