Sapphire 5770 and having driver issues

So I've tried every driver back to 9.12 and that's the only one that's worked.
Here's the problem, installation finishes but when I reboot the w7 boot gui shows up then a few seconds later (when login screen should show up) it freezes and I have to restart, and do a system restore. Then I would clean drivers with driver sweeper and try another driver. (I've tried both drivers+ccc package, and separately with same result).
So 10.5-10.1 don't work, only 9.12. Any ideas as to why I can't use a recent driver?
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  1. Don't know, have you tried the drivers on Sapphire's website?
  2. Sapphire only has ccc profiles and app downloads on their website, no drivers I just checked...
  3. I saw the Catalyst 10.4 when I looked up the 5770 1GB normal edition.
  4. It's the same as ati's 10.4, didn't work :(
  5. Try uninstalling the drivers, then boot into safe mode with networking and install the drivers.
  6. Tried that was well, ccc wont install in safe mode due to hardware detection not being allowed so I manually installed it with the cmd as well as through the device manager. Didn't work. Thanks for the attempts though, lemme know if you have any other ideas :)
  7. When did this problem show up?
  8. Since I've had them, I bought 2 sapphire 5770s (one 2 weeks ago, 1 4 weeks ago) One had video artifacting so I had to RMA it to the guy I bought it from. The other is new from newegg and only been about 10 days so I can return it to them and get another brand or something. Card 1 had artifacting but experienced the same driver issues (only 9.12 worked and had major artifacting as well). Card 2 only 9.12 works, but no artifacting. It overclocks fairly nicely as well. I'm starting to think it might have to do with the copy of windows or something...
  9. Try to run the card at stock speeds. And did you have an older card before this new Sapphire one?
  10. I had a 4870 before, and it's at stock speeds already.
  11. Maybe problem with your graphic card card.

    Cause i use 10.4 ccc for my HD 5770 and now i use 10.5 ccc... There is no problem when install driver. :-)
  12. Try running this then reinstalling the Catalyst and program files.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, but I already said I used driversweeper between each install.
  14. Stupid idea: try system restoring to the point where CCC did work back in 9.12 and install from there. Sometimes CCC will break compatability with some flash games and I do that and install CCC again to get it to work, it usually does.
  15. I suggest you to remove CCC 9.12 from Programs in Control Panel and do a bit of a cleaning in Registry:

    Remove HKCU\Software\Ati keys
    Remove HKLM\Software\Ati keys
    Remove HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Ati keys ( note: some of the
    keys may be named AMD. Be careful with them. Read the descriptions on the
    right pane. They should point to Ati display adapter. )

    You should also delete Ati files in 'Windows\System32\Drivers' directory.

    Finally, remove Ati HD5xxx series Display Adapter in Device Manager. You should also tick Remove drivers checkbox. This will leave your HD5xxx card as VGA adapter.

    After rebooting as requested, you can install the new CCC. This way CCC installs cleanly without being affected from the previous settings.

    In some instances, you may receive an error message .INF file was not found. This time you should go to C:\Ati\Support folder and re-start the installation from the setup.exe. ( Note: C: is your Windows install drive. )

    Hope the above helps.
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