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Can I replace a p4 ht socket 478 with any p4 ht socket 478?

I would like to replace a p4 ht 800mhz fsb socket 478 2.4ghz cpu with
one that's the same except for 3 to 3.2 ghz.
Can I just do a drop-in replacement?
Is there some other info that I need in order to get the exact right cpu that will work?
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  1. Hello uriahk;

    You can probably do that.
    Double check the CPU compatibility chart for your motherboard.
    Also, don't expect to see a large improvement in performance. In spite of the 600~800Mhz jump in speed it won't seem much faster to you.
  2. So long as the motherboard supports 800mhz FSB, and the replacement cpu also runs at this, then yes. Checking the CPU compatability chart does not always tell you everything, as they do not always keep them up to date.
  3. Should be ok, just watch cpu temp.
  4. Thanks very much everyone. I'll look into getting something.
    Just looking to outdo my laptop for now.
  5. Try looking on ebay for used cpu from high rated seller.
    I just upgraded my dual Xeon 3.06 HT L2 512 to 3.2 HT L3 1mb.
    When you pick a chip see if you can get the P4 Extreme Edition 3.2 with the higher L2/L3 cache.
    The higher cache memory will actually help as much as the clock speed increase.
    Also those chips have gotten really cheap on Ebay.
    I got a my two chips for 20 bucks shipped.
    Not a major difference but she feels a little smoother and crisper now.
    Good Luck
  6. Just reread OP.
    Careful the chipset on a 2.4 might not support HT.
    You would need to know your chipset and research (google,wikipedia) whether it would work.
    Try this link:
  7. It would have to be a 9xx series to run P4 3.2 EE wouldn't it?
    Most 2.4 were on 8xx series I thought.
    I could be wrong...
  8. If that's true then I'm stuck with the 2.4, because my board is an i875p
  9. Best answer
    I did some research and the 875p can support up to a 3.2 512 L2 SL6WG Northwood core.
    This is a link to one on ebay:
    just an example.
    Here is a link to an article:
    It would help to know Motherboard or make of tower.
    Also found out the P4 3.06 HT Northwood should work.
    A P4 Extreme Edition would not sorry to say.
    Either of those chips will handle office, web browsing, cd/dvd ripping alright.
    The chips are only about 20 dollars a piece so it is a cheap upgrade.
    Back in the day the I875P was a good chipset.
    It support Sata 1.5 and AGP 8x.
    If you find a cheap AGP card like a Nvidia 7000 series or Ati X700 or X800 with
    a sata drive then it would be a decent light duty tower.
    Just check your wattage on your power supply to support the video card.
    I dont know your level of experience but swapping a CPU isnt too tought.
    Plenty of beginners guides if you check google.
    Hope this helps.
  10. ^I have a Asus P4P800 Deluxe in my old system. Its a 845PE chipset. It is running a Pentium 4 3.4Ghz EE. I am pretty sure that the 875P chipset supported a EE chip. It has 2 SATA 1.5s in a RAID 0 and a X850XT PE. But there are some HD3800s for AGP with drivers from the makers.

    For the OP, what is your mobo model? That can make all the difference in the world.

    Just as an example:

    Thats a P4C800 which is a 875P chipset mobo and a step above the one that I had in my old system (that is now my fiances main machine and still serves her well). It supported every S478 Pentium 4 and HT.

    Thats why the mobo model will help to determine what CPU you can put in it.

    As for the chipsets, the 8XX series was mainly made for S478 but the 865 also supported DDR2 and LGA775. The 875P and the i915/925 were transition sockets. They had 915/925 with LGA775 and AGP or LGA775 and DDR and a whole slew of combinations, same with the 865PE/875P.
  11. My motherboard model is OH1639
    the north bridge is intel i875p revision A2
    south bridge is intel 82801EB

    It's an 800mhz fsb with 512kb l2 cache

    I'd like to throw a prescott 3ghz into it
    because of sse3 and a 1mb l2 cache.
    If it would work with the 3ghz northwood, it should work with the 3ghz
    prescott right?
  12. Thats a Dell mobo. In fact it should be a Dell precision 360.

    Its hard to say since Dell doesn't like to tell you which CPU can be put in it.

    But since it is a 875P that was designed when prescott was released it should work.
  13. After digging on google for a half hour looking up Precision 360 ( i had that model btw)
    and 875p ( canterwood) i can only find support up to a P4 Northwood which the fastest looks to be the P4 3.4C though i see alot more of the Canterwood running the P4 3.2C.
    I looked up the Precision 360 on Ebay and the fastest sold were P4 3.2C which looks to be the fastest that Dell threw in the that box.
    A P4 3.2 or 3.4 C would be a nice cheap reliable upgrade combined with a decent AGP lowpower agp card like a Nvidia 7000 series (7900gt or 7600gt). I got a 7600GS 256mb for 30 bucks shipped. It is DirectX 9.0c and I run Crysis Warhead (low settings) and Far Cry 2 (medium settings) on it.
    For 50 bucks or so you could get the P4 3.2C CPU and a video card.
    It would be a good office/home machine and a light low setting gamer.
    Of course for about 400 or so you could build a much more powerful machine.
    It depends on finances and what you actually need the computer to do.
  14. This is the best Northwood based CPU that you can get:

    I have it in my old system and its quite a nice CPU.

    The honest truth though, a Prescott based Pentium 4 is not much better than a Northwood based Pentium 4.
  15. Interesting. Because I want to avoid the possibility of sending the cpu back
    in the event that it didn't work- I'm going with the northwood 3.2ghz sl6wg
    Thanks very much everyone.
  16. Depending on what video card you have this could be a nice cheap upgrade
    and it is DX10.1
    Just check power supply rating on ATI's site.
    The Dell Precision 360 should be able to handle about a 350watt to 400 watt card if you are not running double cd and hardrives.
    This card is fanless and would be great for multimedia since it is quiet.
    Any way that is another thread.
    Good luck
  17. I guess I can post here but for my Dell GX170L 170L Tower Motherboard P4 478 U2575 WC297. What is the best processor I can have? Will this Dell motherboard be capeable of HT? If not can I only have a 3.2 gHz or could I get a Pentium 4 3.4 gHz? I just don't know much about the specs on this motherboard other than what people have said on websites and they don't say what is the most I can upgrade to.

    I can get good deals on Ebay on CPUs so I just need to know the top speed I can get for this Dell tower.

    This tower I had original came with a 2.4 gHz Celeron processor.

    Thank You
  18. Download and install Everest Home Edition from Lavalys
    it is free and wiil tell you almost everything about your computer.
    Just google it. I think i got it from the lavalys site or
    Pay attention to what chipset you have.
    If you look in the thread above you will see a link to intel chipsets.
    The chipset will let you know what you can support.
    Also knowing Front Side Bus and core voltage helps.
    What i did to upgrade my Dell Precision 450 was to ebay and google that model and see what other processors were in used in that series.
    I looked for the highest speed that I found and used that as a guideline.
    Wikipedia and Google are my best friends LOL.
    Really read and check out the links posted in this thread.
    It will really help.
  19. Well I know that my onboard video adapter is a Intel 82865G and it has 96MB or video ram. I think it's Intel 865G chipset. Is this what you needed? This memory type it uses is PC2700 DDR. I can only go upto 2GB in dual channel since the other two are taken out. If the Mobo had 4 slots then I can have upto 4GB. Also the AGP 8X slot is not there too so I can only have PCI type video cards or hardware.
  20. I don't really know what front side bus it has since when I look up the specs for the 170L it says 800mhz or 533mhz. But I think mine is 533mhz since it has DDR PC2700 for ram but I don't know.
  21. Ya I used that program and I was right it was a 533mhz front side bus. If you need other specs let me know since I can copy and past it from that program you told me to download.

    Motherboard Properties:
    Motherboard ID <DMI>
    Motherboard Name Dell OptiPlex 170L

    Front Side Bus Properties:
    Bus Type Intel NetBurst
    Bus Width 64-bit
    Real Clock 133 MHz (QDR)
    Effective Clock 533 MHz
    Bandwidth 4267 MB/s

    Memory Bus Properties:
    Bus Type DDR SDRAM
    Bus Width 64-bit
    Real Clock 167 MHz (DDR)
    Effective Clock 333 MHz
    Bandwidth 2667 MB/s

    Chipset Bus Properties:
    Bus Type Intel Hub Interface
    Bus Width 8-bit
    Real Clock 67 MHz (QDR)
    Effective Clock 267 MHz
    Bandwidth 267 MB/s

    Now I need to know is what is the best processor I can upgrade to using my current motherboard.

  22. Well I did some scouting around on Ebay and I see that the 170l came from factory with a Pentium 4 2.8C HT (northwood).
    this would be the chip on Ebay.
    It is buy it now at 15 dollars (I make no personal recomendations for this seller)
    So that answers your question.
    But I have to agree with malmental on this one.
    If your really strapped for cash then the 15 bucks would be a cheap upgrade.
    BUT if you look on Craigslist right now you can find some nice deals on OEM towers.
    I just saw a Dell with a Pentium D 3.0ghz (first dual cores),1gb ram,80gb Sata HD,PCI Express x16 slot, Windows XP Pro with COA for $139 from a recycler/refurbisher with a 30 day warranty.
    That is in the New Jersey USA section.
    I dont know where you live so pricing could be different.
    The point is for under 150 US dollars you would have a much more stronger CPU,Sata and PCI Express which makes a big difference.
    Just make sure you see it boot up and that it has a Certificate of Authenticity for the Windows version on it since alot of refurbishers use pirate software.
    Just a thought.
  23. I am a big fan of using older hardware if it does what you need it do.
    I have had some heated discussions on these forums regarding this point.
    If upgrading your CPU for 15 bucks and maybe putting in some cheap RAM will do everything you need your computer to do then more power to you.
    BUT there is a technology usefullness curve to be aware of.
    A strong P4 HT chip or early dual core with a 800mhz fsb,agp or preferably PCIx16 and a Sata hd will for most average to medium users do the job.
    The problem with your 170l would primarily be your limitation of graphics cards since you only have PCI available.
    If you only use your PC for office work and internet browsing/cd/dvd ripping and really light gaming (older games b4 2002) then you would be fine doing the CPU upgrade.
    But if you need in the future for your pc to do more then you got to be aware of your upgrade path.
    Right now in US the used OEM systems are getting cheaper and cheaper even on Ebay so if you make a small investment now into a LGA775 socket,Sata and PCI express system it could carry you for awhile depending on your needs.
    Sorry for the books I just wrote.
    I hope I didnt bore you and it helped.
  24. So the best I can get is a 2.8 gHz processor? I did see some on Ebay that I can get a 3.4 gHz Pentium 4 for around $40. But will those work? Or do I need a 800mhz front side bus in order to make it work?

    Heres a link to it.

    But eather way I' am in a very tight budget and I can't afford a new system so that's why I want to make this the best I can get. Plus then I can slowly upgrade one by one on this system like I can start out by the CPU and then memory and then video card etc. If I really had money I would by now got a new PC but I can't. Plus this system was a gift so I want to do best I can with it. I hope you guys understand.
  25. No you would need a 533 mhz chip.
    Check out this link
    There was a P4 3.06 HT on a 533 bus.
    I would feel better if I saw your tower configured from dell with it.
    these are intel model numbers for 3.06
    check out this link
    I will do some further research on dell 170l and get back to you.
  26. Do you mean that you need to know if my system is a SFF type or normal size? Since mine is a normal size tower and it uses a ATX psu. I did show you how my mobo looks like from the link I posted on other topic.

    Will any of these CPUs work?
  27. I agree.
    Sorry about that.
    Select which post was the best answer and that will close the thread.
    I am glad it worked for you.
    Best wishes
    King SMP
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  29. Ah, that's how you close a thread. Thank you
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