8 pin cpu power cable too short

So I finally built my new pc, however the 8 pin cpu power cable is too short, while the 4 pin cable is OK.
Do I need to buy a longer 8 pin cable or is 4 pin just fine? Does it provide enough power?
My system is:
Asus P7P55D-E
Intel i5-760
Kingston 4GB 1600 CL7
ATI 5850 1GB
Sony-Optiarc AD 7260S
WD caviar black 1TB
Chieftec 750W
Thermaltake Element S
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  1. If you are not planning to overclock the CPU, you can probably get by with the 4-pin. If you end up having stability problems, like BSODs, you can buy an extension cable, here, for example - just read the descriptions to make sure it is for the CPU ower cable, and not VGA.
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