Problems with ML110 and P410

Hi all,

Firstly, can I just point out I am quite new to RAID so apologies if this sounds silly.

I recently acquired a ProLiant ML110 G7 but read that the onboard B110i controller wasn't supported by ESXi.
So I decided to add a HP Smart Array P410/256MB Controller. I wasn't sure if there was specific disks required for compatibility, but I tried to get something similar to what came with the server, albeit with greater storage, so I purchased 4 x 2Tb Seagate disks, model ST2000DM001.

Now, when booting the server using the HP SmartStart and going to the ACU to configure the array, I receive an error saying "No supported controllers". The controller is visible in the BIOS and I can see it attempt to initialise via the ORCA messages.

I don't know if it's a compatibility issue or something else.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. Unlike the Constellation ES or ES.2, the ST2000DM001 was not designed for RAID use, but it may still work properly.

    Has your controller firmware been updated (though it may not resolve your issue):

    Can you configure a RAID during POST when the P410 controller is detected?
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