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I just built a i7 930, DX58SO MB, Kingston 1066 DDR3 RAM, WD 500 MB HD and PNY GeForce GT220 DDR2 1GB video card. With all RAM sticks installed, there is no boot, just lights and fans. With RAM in Channel B&C, the computer boots to the OS. I've tried installing RAM one stick at a time and various configuratins, but the only one that works is B&C. I need 8 GB, but only getting 4 GB. Please help!
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  1. With i7 930s, you should be running RAM in triple channel configuration. I.e., 3x1 GB, or 6x2GB, and therefore you'd want to run 12 GB of RAM.
  2. Running 2x 2 GB for 8 GB. Tried to install in all channels, but it only works in Channel B & C. With stick in Channel A0, A1, no video.
  3. I am trying to run 3x 2GB or 4x 2GB. I need 8 GB, but will settle for 6GB in triple channel.
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