[Solved] Hp ITX moca-ar MoDT motherboard

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to do a cheap ITX build that will run a GFX card and be faster than Atom.

Found this board on ebay:
HP MOCA-AR And got some parts to fit it out.

Power Adaptor for MINI 24 pin ATX
HP 20 -> 24 pin mini ATX Power Cable

An ITX case w/200w PSU, Intel T7300 Core2Duo Mobile, DDR2 Sodimms.

But I cant get the d*mn thing to boot. When I power up the CPU fan spins and nothing else. No video output to the vga, no beeps from the onboard speaker.

Has any one had similar experience. I have tried two different moca-ar boards from the same seller, both do the same thing. I have also tried it with a Pentium Dual Core T3200, with the same result.

Thanks for your help,

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  1. Solved courtesy of Confusis @ bit-tech

    "The Pentium T3200 and Core2Duo 7300 are socket P where you need socket M cpus.

    Basically fully supported CPUs in the T7 line would be T7200,7400,7600"

    All I can say is F*cking Intel! Two cpus that are named in series, T7200 and T7300 and have an almost identical and totally interchangeable pin layout require two different and incompatible sockets. There is no logic in this!!!!
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