PC boots up to blinking cursor, can't enter BIOS


I have a PC that when you power it on, it shows the typical screens but after maybe 10 seconds it goes to the blinking cursor. You can't type anything.

When first powering on if you press the key to go into BIOS or boot order then it just ignores it and keeps going until it gets to the black screen with the cursor. There are no CD's or floppy disks in the PC and a mouse and keyboard are plugged into it.

What could this be, I've never seen anything like this before?

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  1. We need more info here...
    What about the other specs?
    Tell us your full system...
  2. I don't have the specs right now since it's my girlfriend's dad's PC but I could get them. I don't think the specs should matter at all for this issue though, as the type of mobo or video card or hard drive shouldn't affect this. Based on the symptoms, I'm asking for thoughts on what could be failing.
  3. Then try another monitor to make sure whether the monitor is broke or not...
  4. If the monitor were broken then wouldn't it show nothing? It shows the normal screens at the beginning of booting up and then goes to a black screen with a blinking white cursor.
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  6. well, i can't say anything before you test it...
    a broken monitor=sometimes work, sometimes not...
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