What PSU should I buy with i5 760

I am planning to buy a new system with the config listed below. I can't decide what PSU is enough for it. I was told to buy Coolermaster Gladiator RC-600 with PSU at AUD 137 by a friend. But, I think with the system i will buy a cheaper PSU can be used.

Here's My system config:
Motherboard - Asus P7P55-LX
CPU - Intel i5-760
GPU - 1G GTS 250 Zotac
Ram - 2G ddr3 1333 Kingston

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  1. i have an i5 760 with 4gbs of ddr3 ram, gtx 470, P7p55-m Mobo, cpu is oc'd to 3.8 and i have a ocuk stealthXtream 600w psu.

    on offer this week for £52.
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    A quality 500W PSU is more than enough.

    Here you have some good options:

    ANTEC TruePower New 550W (by Seasonic) (modular)
    CORSAIR VX550 550W (by CWT)
    ENERMAX LibertyEco II (ELT500AWT-ECO II) 500W (modular)
    ENERMAX Pro82+ (EPR525AWT II) 525W
    ENERMAX Modu82+ (EMD525AWT II) 525W (modular)
    SEASONIC S12II Bronze (SS-520GB) 520W
    THERMALTAKE Toughpower Qfan (W0151) 500W (by CWT) (modular)
    OCZ Fatal1ty 550W (by Sirtec) (modular)
    COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M 500W (by Enhance Electronics)

    There a lot of good PSUs. You can find qualified reviews of all of them in the PSU Review Database from RealHardTechX:
  3. aayushg8 said:
    But, I think with the system i will buy a cheaper PSU can be used.

    I think any Coolermaster PSU qualifies as a cheap PSU.
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