AM3 on an AM2 Board


I'm thinking about putting an AM3 chip on an AM2 (not AM2+) Board.

AM3 Chip -

AM2 Chip -

AM2 Mobo -

(Tiny URL for neatness)

I know the board will support the chip.. I'm just curious how much performance loss there would be going from AM3 to AM2.. Is it even worth changing?

Does anybody know of any reviews that compare the same chip on both sockets?

*Edit - Any AM3 chip compared on both AM2/AM2+ vs AM3 would be great to see*
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  1. Make sure to get F15D BIOS.

    AM2+ limits OC by quite a bit for AM3, but performance wise, the impact should be negligible.

    The difference between the 6000+ and 640 is PRETTY big, heres a comparison with a 635:

    The core to core difference is 15% plus you get 2 more cores.
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