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I7 970 with 1333 ram or 1066 ram...which is the best


i have an i7-970 processor and i need to build a high speed computer for graphics and video editing

the only problem is i don't know which ram should i use.....i know the DDR3 1333 ram is faster but will my computer take advantage of it or it will be waste of money since my cpu memory is 1033 (3*1033 to be exact)

so which should i choose...please help
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  1. what motherboard do you have?
    ddr3 1600 is prob ur best bet
  2. GA-X58A-UD7
  3. I would go with a good 6GB kit of DDR3 1600. This is an excellent choice with very low timings ( faster) for the price.

    Edit: Nothing is wasted. Just turn on XMP ( Extreme memory profile ) in BIOS and it automatically runs at the listed speed/timings.
  4. bit newbie here.....isnt the ram fsb here is higher than the cpu?
    or since the cpu ram is 3*1066 that mean it doesnt matter
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    i7 does not matter. The faster the RAM the better.
  6. then which is better

    12GB 1066 or 6GB 1600
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  8. With graphics and video editing listed as your primary uses I would go for 12GB of DDR3 1600 myself. Faster is better and those uses are about the only reasons to use over 6GB. Guess I could have read the post better.
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