Crackling sound on onboard sound


I am currently running on onboard audio ( realtek HD ) on a gigabyte mobo.

The problem is, when i play some intensive games like battlefield 2 or alien swarm, the sound ( game's sound and windows media player ) crackles alot during gameplay..

i first thought it was coz cpu was running at 100%.

But when i perform a prime95 test, music was playing smoothly. Now my next suspect is the PSU.

I am running some PSU by Delta Electronics rated at 400W and peak 450W.

My other specs :-

E6750 ( 1.3975V and 3.6 Ghz OC )
ATI Radeon HD 5670
4 GB OCZ DDR2-800

So is the onboard sound not getting enough power? I think like this, coz when i play games, GPU and CPU run at 100%.. therefore they maybe drinking all the juice..

Or do you think there can be something else wrong? Drivers are also the latest..

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  1. I had the same problem, I reinstalled my sound drivers and the problem went away. Try that.
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