Registry_error 0x00000051..plz Help

Hello,My computer a Hp pavilion desktop, originally with windows Xp, but i have changed to a windows 7 (btw i have upgraded the windows a long time ago, so im sure its not the problem) is getting a blue screen of death with the following mesasge

The first time i got this was right after I remove my graphic card (which had a problem)and use the onboard video card (from motherboard.
I have tried to put the graphic card back and i still have the same blue screen.
Few days ago a removed the the power cord and the battery from yhr motherboard and waited few minutes than putted the baterry back on and and the power cord and turned the computer on, and the computer worked fine for couple of days, and now i get the same blue screen again.I havent tried the process of taking the baterry off again.So i want to know if there is a way to fix this permanently. So i wont have to take the batarry out every couple days to fix my problem?
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  1. Hello boybrm;

    Have you tried a System Restore yet?
  2. Another two things to ADD is :

    1. I got the blue screen about 10 senconds after all programs loads (like skype and mensseger)
    2. In safe mode or any other mode the computer runs just fine.

    I havent yet tried system restore, do you think it will solve the problem?

    Could you guys give some more sugestion, because i wont be able to try to solve the problems now, so i will have to try it tonite and reply to you guys tomorrow.
  3. What impact would doing a clean OS install have? Is that an option?
  4. Well the computer is not mine is from a friend who share apartament with me, and she got alot of files to save.
    So i would like to see if i could just fix the error. Before having to clean the OS. (I think the restoring the Os will sure fix her problem, but maybe there is a faster way. But in case i cant. I will just restore it)
  5. You can always rescue her files and personal data with a bootable Rescue CD.
    In any case you should do that first before you work on anything else.

    Ubuntu Desktop
    You can download an .ISO image and burn it to a CD or USB thumb drive to have a complete bootable OS.
    It's not Windows, but it's enough alike to use the file manager to find files, copy them off to a USB thumb drive, or a USB external hard drive.
  6. Once you burn the OS you can use the F12 key to get the Advanced Boot menu and boot from the CD/USB.
    When Ubuntu loads use the Try It option - not the install option.

    Things should look fairly familar. In the windows the controls (close minimze, etc) are on the left side.
    Here is Ubuntu file managers looking at a Win7 HDD file system and a USB thumb drive file window open. Drag/Drop works the same way.
    That FreeAgent drive you see is a USB external hard drive which also works well.
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