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A few basic questions about SSD

I have done a bit of research and it seems that the best SSDs are the Crucial M4, the Intel 520 and the Samsung 830. I am building a new system and will want a reliable 60 or 120 GB dive. Are these the best or should I look at some other drives?

From what I have read it seems that 240 GB drives are faster than equivalent 120 GB drives. Can I conclude that 240 GB drives are generally faster than 120 GB drives? Can I also conclude that 120 GB are faster than 60 GB?

My motherboard will be an ASUS P8Z77. Will I be abe to install Windows 7 directly from the CD or wil I have to use the Intel RST driver?

I ask the above question because 2 years ago I had to use the RST driver in order to be able to install Win 7 on an OCZ Vertex 2. That was with an ASUS P5B-Plus MB.
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    As for the capacities it depends on the drives. Some 240 are faster than 120, and some don't. I'd recommend going for Crucial M4 120 - excellent drive.

    As for the installation you'll be able to install it directly from a CD or pendrive.
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