GTX 260 won't go past 70deg.

My specs are

CPU: Intel i7 930
PSU: Xiojn 1000w
RAM: Patriot 3x2gb 1333mhz ddr3
Mobo: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Ok so my video card will play all games at full settings all day long unless it gets up to around 70degrees, never less. At which point the game will freeze, repeat noise and I will be forced to manual restart or it will blue screen. WoW plays fine, not graphically demanding so it never goes past 70degrees but Cod4 or Just Cause 2 I will experience maybe 10mins in. I recently got two more case fans to try and reduce the temps but I'm pretty sure it should be getting over 100degrees before capping and freezing on me right? This is a new rig could be anything but I'm pretty sure I isolated it correctly. The GPU will idle at 45degrees. Anything else just ask, I hope to get this resolved! :)
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  1. your temps seem fine, actually rather cool for the GTX260

    see if there is anything in your BIOS that causes a shutdown at a certain temp

    also try a different temp SW just to makes sure those temps are accurate, i prefer HWmonitor since it displays highs and lows
  2. Yea I thought my temps were pretty good but it has been the norm for it to fail at 70degrees. I have been using speedfan to check temps but I will come back with results from HWmonitor.
  3. Temps are reading the same at idle and load.

    Where in the BIOS can i look for a shutdown at X temps? I looked around in there earlier and found nothing of the sort.
  4. then RMA the card, since it's a brand new card, right...
  5. I don't have other cards so that is kind of a last resort for me to be without a desktop for 2 weeks.
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