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Hey everyone,

So I just finished my first home built PC! I'm very excited that it turned on the first time, installed W7 no problem, booted up, installed all my anti-virus and updates etc, then put all my games on and ran them great.

My mobo is a Biostar and it came with some programs that I can calibrate CPU fan speed etc with, and the fan/heatsink that the AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition came with is quite loud, so I just changed the settings so that it idles now at 38*C ish as opposed to 29*C ish.

I tried doing some research on this question, but the answers i found were not very helpful/seemed unprofessional, so I'm asking here.

What should CPU temperatures be at? (Idling, browsing web, intense gaming). Whats good, whats bad, whats dangerous, and all that good stuff?

I have the processor mentioned above, 4gb corsair 1600Mhz DDR3 DUal channel PC12800, Radeon HD 5850 and an NZXT Tempest evo case.

Thank you everyone :)
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  1. idle temp isnt too important, that will change a lot based on your ambient temp, if your room gets 2C hotter your idle will get 2C hotter so its much harder to ballpark. Run Prime95, under full load you want your CPU to stay below about 64C, max temps are far more important than idle temps.
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