Dots on my screen while rendering video games 3-D software

Ok guys here is my problem, today while i was playing Battlefield Bad Company 2, in the middle of a loading map screen my game crashed. sent me to my desktop, when i reloaded it again, i started to get dots all over my scree, little pixel squares i could say. this is so anoying. i dont want to replace my current GTX 260, its too expensive. can someone give me any ideas? thanks

Specs: Vista 64
E8600 @ 3.33ghz
Nvidia GTX 260 FOC 666mhz, 1400mhz
4GB Ram
750 HDD
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  1. those "dots" are called artifacts

    usually this is cased by overclocking, driver issues, or faulty hardware.

    if its the latter, then you are pretty much screwed, otherwise, you could try to download the latest graphic driver for your card from nVidia, which is Beta 257.15
  2. thanks man, im looking in to the issue, i restarted the PC and everything was back to normal, it seems that what's causing the issue is some crash on BFC2. The problem occurred during a map switch loading screen. When i tried other games after re-boot the GPU performed just fine. This is crazy now i increased my FAN profile on the EVGA PRECISION to 70% and Case fans to MAXIMUM> lets hope this works.
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