Eyefinity Displayport problems, no bezel comp

I just got done setting up my friends Eyefinity setup, but i've run into some big problems.

His computer specs.

Phenom II X4 955
Asus M4A785TD-V EVO
Sapphire 5850
(being honest for diagnostics sake) non-official Windows 7
Catalyst 10.5


Phenom II X4 965
MSI 790FX-GD70
XFX 5870s Crossfire
Official Windows 7 Home
Catalyst 10.4

1. Ok, number one problem being i keep running into display port link failure. Whenever I try to run most games, it shuts off the middle (DP>VGA) display. The only way I've been able to recover it is to unplug and replug it from the graphics card. Eyefinity still is running, the middle display just doesn't show anything.

Perhaps it's the dongle (he bought a ATI certified Accell dongle)? I tried my own dongle (Accell) which i've been using with eyefinity for months now and still no luck. Maybe the VGA cable? Still nothing with different cables.

At this point i'm thinking that maybe the non-official version of Windows 7 is conflicting with the ATI drivers. Maybe, I don't really know. We both use the same monitors and the same hdmi-vga-dvi setup.

2. The second problem i'm having is that Catalyst won't give me the option to compensate for bezels. I got eyefinity up and running with no problems, but his...not so much. What also doesn't make sense is that our computers are damn near the same.
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  1. I have the same problem with Bezel, after what seems like months of frustration, installing re installing still does not work as it should. I get all 3 monitors asus vh242H configured and act as one but no bezel appears. ATI says it is because windows does not recognize the monitors. Asus uses windows 7 drivers and does not have any of their own so it shows generic monitors. ATI says that is the problem. How to fix it Iguess is the ? Do I trash the 3 new Asus monitor and get others, I do not think so. I will go back using triple head to go, everything worked with it but resolution was not as good. Do not buy ASUS product, I have not ever received any response from ther tech support on this matter and I have sent them request for the last month now. I have 2 5870 radeon cards in cross fire mode.
  2. Try upgrading/downgrading ur friends drivers. Ur using 10.4 urself and its working so try that and see if u have the same problem.

    The non-official windows shouldnt be it I think. Im using a cracked copy on my computer and its working perfectly.
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