Should i pick 5770 over 4890?

I saw some 4890s still available at markets here
however, can a Sapphire 5770 Vapor-X overclocking beat 4890 or just be at its level?
i know all the goodies with the 5770 over 4890 but the 4890 performance is just great
also, will Athlon II X3 440 bottleneck either?
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  1. Well 4890 runs faster than a 5770 but 5770 runs cooler,quieter and has less power consumption + it supports DX11,eyefinity etc.if you play at a resolution like 1920x1200 or higher then go for the 4890,otherwise a 5770 can handle games fine on lower resolutions.
    And you will be fine with that CPU
  2. ^1. And if you plan on crossfiring in the future, you got better chance of finding the 5770 than the 4890 along the way.
  3. If you have a 4870 or 4890 already, you can crossfire or hybrid crossfire another 4890.

    For a new build, a 5770 offers less performance but dx11 and more efficiency.
  4. so even if i oc'ed the 5770, it wont match 4890 stock? cuz prolly i wont be able to oc 4890 (power heat etc..)
  5. you will be able to overclock the 4890 by about 50mhz on core and 50mhz on memory at stock voltage.. I have heard that the 4890 has a lot of overclocking headroom. I've overclocked my XFX 4890 and loving the performance.
  6. 5770 is below a 4890 when both stock, but a 5770 can overclock way more than a 4890 so that they're pretty much on par if not the 5770 may exceed the 4890 after both are max OC'd.
  7. wildeast said:
    so even if i oc'ed the 5770, it wont match 4890 stock? cuz prolly i wont be able to oc 4890 (power heat etc..)

    No one can tell you exactly how much you can OC it,but don't just rely on OC'ng the 5770,because like i said the performance gain wouldn't be huge(With a normal OC)
  8. but Sapphire 5770 Vapor-X is good for oc'ing than the normal sapphire, so it would do good for big ocing
  9. Yeah,Vapor-X series are good for OC'ng,but no one can guarantee how much you can OC,you have to get it and tweak it to get a stable OC :D
  10. Don't forget that vapor doesn't have voltage adjustment while Hawk does.
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