Pentium 4 & ATI radeon 4650

I bought an ATI radeon 4650 GDDR2 graphics card for my pc:-
* Intel pentium 4 HT,3.00 GHz
* DDR2 1.5 GB RAM
* PSU@ 400W
* PCI-e slot

Issue:-Whenever i play games,the CPU fan goes loud and when i checked Task manager in the middle of gaming,i found that the CPU usage was around 100%.Also the air coming from inside was warm.

At first i thought it was due to the game i was playing:-Assassin's creed.
But i got worried when the same problem prevailed on playing Warcraft III-The frozen throne.

When i don't play games,everything seems normal.

Please help me
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Download and install a program for checking your CPU temp like "Core temp" or "Speed Fan" and tell us your temp in games.
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