Will 790GX motherboards work with the new AM3+ CPUs?

Looks like its exciting times for us AMD enthusiasts. I have a 790gx chipset motherboard and im wondering if by means of a BIOS update will I be able to use the new AM3+ cpus coming out in mid 2011?

The logic behind my question is this. I have been reading up am3+ related news, and it appears that asus will allow the 890 chipsets to work with the yet unreleased am3+ cpus by means of a BIOS update. The actual BIOS is already in beta and available on the asus website.

So why not the 790 chipsets? Is it a functionality restriction or a 'market' decision? I know any answers are mere speculations, but I am currently in the market for a new board so this information means a bit more to me.

My asus m4a78t-e motherboard just bit the dust and im currently in the process of getting a warranty replacement. Being weeks out of my gaming rig isnt very attractive to me, so I looked up new motherboards thinking maybe now is a good time to upgrade to the next generation. It appears that as of this writing, no motherboards are out of the box ready for am3+. but we are very close with some releases by gigabyte and msi. I absolutely do not want to get stuck with an AM3 only board mere months away from the new cpu release. The added bonus of on-board usb3.0 with the new boards looks great too.

If asus just releases a bios update for my 790gx so i can run the new bulldozers i will be a very happy customer!
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  1. It's all rumor and highly unlikely.

    while the AM3 cpu's will work in the AM3+ boards, I don't think you'll see it the other way around. Maybe the first batch of Bulldozers MIGHT, but the second batch will have integrated graphics and will likely require a diff amount of pins.

    I read about the 890 bios update, but it's just rumor. That may be AMD's rabbit in the hat if they can get Bulldozers to drop in AM3 boards.

    If not I have a feeling were going to see 32nm Phenom II's that WILL drop in AM3 boards. I say this because AMD has already released to OEM's Llano quad cores, which are essentially 32nm Phenom II's with integrated gpu's.

    So to the guy that argued with me extensively about there not being any Phenom II in 32nm. Sorry bud, your wrong. Proof came out today.
  2. I have this mobo too. I sure hope it's possible to put a bulldozer in it. Anyone else know anything?
  3. Unfortunately not! There has been no mention of 790GX having compatibility with the AM3+ cpu's...heck, even the 890FX boards, rumored to work with a bios udpate, may not have the ability to work with the cpu's...it's a lot of speculation at the moment..best thing to do is just wait and see...just enjoy what you have..
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