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Recently my Geforce 8800GTX decided to pop (I believe due to overheating and a filthly heatsync/fan) it was hitting 80Degrees plus on the constant. I was in game and decided to alt tab which produced a bluescreen of death, PC wouldn't boot for ages I had to remove the GFX card reset bios and then put it back in. There after graphic burn marks appeared all over my screen and I was unable to load any drivers (Tried quite a few different versions) in windows (Bluescreen everytime it tried to boot with drivers installed) VGA mode was fine, but useless.

I decided to purchase a brand new Radeon 5770 - Vapor-X from and installed it but now my computer doesn't post until the 6th or 7th reboot (It reboots itself until finally posting) but once it's posted it runs like a dream. If I return the card I will be without a computer for several days, I just can't decide if it's worth sending it back... I know I should but I can put up with the initial rebooting fiasco. As professionals what do you think could be wrong here? I was wondering if perhaps there may be a motherboard fault but the other card (blown one) posts just fine. I have a ASUS P5N-E motherboard and have recently upgraded to 8GB DDR800 (Which I believe that certain DDR 800 memory modules cause problems) but she seems pretty stable once up and running. Basically what I am asking here is whether anyone can gander a guess at what (Technically) could be causing the the posting loop and whether or not it's going to get worse.

Oh and for those that are wondering whether a jump from the Geforce 8800GTX to a Radeon 5770 is worth it, well... IT IS! :sol: and I haven't even had the need to overclock it yet.
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  1. have your overclcoked your CPU ? if so then revert it back to normal speeds and test again.
    Also try running memtest for some hours to make sure your RAM is OK
  2. CPU is not overclocked, will run memtest when I get a chance, ta - Just concerned that my card may be faulty... erk
  3. The card was hitting 85-90c regularly, I can't see how drivers would effect the card posting but yes I completely removed my nvidia software & drivers before install the new ATI card - which runs beautifully besides rebooting 6-10 times before getting a post.

    The power supply being bad is something I need to look at, thanks for that. Will organise a voltmeter from work. Any idea what the connectors on the graphics card should be pushing?

    I'm running Corsair DDR 800 - I have the timings for it somewhere (I will check that it's running on 2volts) I believe I left it on auto. Thanks for that.

    As for my windows being corrupt I don't believe this is the case.

    Thanks for the info mate, keep it coming!
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