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Hello,was wondering will anybody be able to help i am puttin together a sys involving an asrock 890fx deluxe 3 and was wondering can i use corsair vengence 2000mhz 4 (2x2) with that board
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  1. Look up the suppliers specifications on the board. That is the best way to find out.
  2. yeah i know its very hard to get any info on the board anything i find is either non descript or asian based and i dont speak it nor read it

    1800MHZ overclocked memory support, I am sure you could just stick those modules in and underclock them and set tighter timings, but there is pleny of info out there for that mobo!
  4. nice one moricon didnt know of harrdware secrets seen where you got the info the other two i already checked couldnt find it thanks.
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