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Hi, I need your help in choosing which case would best suit the components I've bought. I am new to building PCs, but I'm very excited to getting started. These are components I have already bought:

PSU- Corsair TX850w (bought it from ebay $57.00-used but in excellent cosmetic and working condition):

CPU- AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition (bought it from ebay $94.00- brand new):

MOBO- ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO (bought it from ebay $92.00- brand new):

MEM- G. Skill 4gb (2gb x 2) DDR3 (bought it from newegg $98.99)

CASE- ???

These are some of the choices I had in mind for the case:

Cooler Master HAF 922

Rosewill Smart One

Rosewill Wind Knight

With prices put aside, which one would you chooses and why? I am looking for a case that pretty much will not have a problem when doing any upgrades in the future or not have a problem when trying to install any graphics and not worry about the card's length. A case that has good airflow, wire management, space (even after installing all components), and future proof for upgrades.

Thank You!
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  1. The cooler master would be my top pick. Mostly because I know a couple people who are using this case and they've had no problems at all. It has a great price tag and has a lot of good reviews to back it up. I also have used cooler master's parts (admittedly, never a case, but their cooling equipment) in a couple projects and it's never failed to impress me. I like the red too :)
    All of these cases seem big enough to house your components though, so I don't see any compatibility issues
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  3. You would also do well to consider the Antec 900/902 and 300 Illusion. All are top quality with great cooling. All fans are 3 speed and almost silent on low.

    To me the 300 Illusion is the best case in its price range.
  4. agreed...there is nothing wrong with the rosewill's but the haf 22 is just a very well built case...i concern myself less with the case than i do with the rest of my components and would use the smart one, personally
  5. I built my first system in a HAF 932 not too long ago. I had absolutely no problems. Thanks to the space behind the mobo tray cable management was a breeze. Installing the HDD and the Optical drive couldn't have been easier as well. Also, mine came with a bunch of extra screws and zip ties(which I used). +1 to Coolermaster.
  6. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! Looks like I'm going with the CM HAF 922 since it looks to be more spacious the other two.
  7. I really like my Antec 900 cases (bought the first one way back before there were a lot of choices in gaming cases).

    Great cooling, but the cable management is extremely sucky. You need be prepared to put some work into the case to get decent cable management.

    If I were starting over, I'd probably go with one of the HAF's.
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