Some help for upgrading an old rig

I currently have an old Dell Dimension 4700 and I have been upgrading it here and there so I can use it to play more modern games. However the Pentium 4 HT 2.8ghz CPU is really holding back performance.

Does the 4700 motherboard have a LGA 775 cpu socket and if so could I upgrade the cpu to a Core 2 duo?
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  1. Chances are no. Even if it is socket 775 the chances are still not good. 99.9 percent sure it can not.
  2. You can download CPU-Z to check the exact specifications of your CPU and mobo. That will tell you what you need to know.
  3. alright so It does indeed have a LGA 775 socket, so with that in mind is there any way to ensure that a Core 2 duo could work?
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