1 x 16GB kit or 2x8GB kits?

Is there an advantage of getting a single kit with a single 16GB kit (4x4GB) sticks compared to 2 separate 8GB(2x4GB) kits? I can't decide whether to get 16GB of memory already or see if 8GB is enough, then just add another 8GB if I feel like i need more. I'm currently going to be running about 4-6 Virtual machines in my box for testing purposes. Will 8gb be enough? or should I just get the 16GB kit?
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  1. 1. No, not likely. Just get whichever you prefer as long as you have 4 slots to fit.
    2. What are you going to run on those VMs? If you are just going to run it for development test, then each VM needs only about 512MB which is plenty in the case of 8GB.
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    2 seperate 8GB kits will be OK, allowing you to go 16GB in the future, just try to stay same speed timings when you get second kit!

    I have 8GB installed and can run around 6 VM on my x6 machine at the same time easily with 1GB for each!
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