Build me a Media PC 2010

Hey im after a fairly budget media PC (storing and watching movies mainly)

Want to run 6 1TB HDD in RAID5 Array. (this is my main stipulation)

I use mainly Umart as my buying site

Im in Aus, if that makes any difference.

Dont need all the extra bits and bobs just the box and its contents.

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  1. G'day (evening anyway) mate! :D (from a fellow aussie)

    What sort of budget are you looking at?
  2. including the $500 on storage, around $1000

    The main issue im having atm is find a board that has 8 SATA ports and will run Raid 5 on 6 Drives, while still only using a cheaper intel Duel core with a 755 socket.

  3. I'm no expert at media pcs etc, but maybe look at an i3 530 with its integrated graphics or AMD Athlon x3 4xx (440/445)
  4. err...... do you want me to post in the new thread?
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