What's the best 24" monitor?


I'll put my question across the great Toms community since its my primary resource for info and reviews

I currently have a 30" dell (3007WFP) and I'm looking to replace it with something around 24"

what's the best(intended) resolution for gaming?


whats generally considered the best screen for gaming?

(and possibly an expensive dream but, but eyefinity or 3D display?)
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  1. You will need high contrast ratio and fast response time(2ms) for the monitor...
    I think HD resolution is just enough to play games.

    Well, it depend on you, personally, i like Eyefinity.
  2. ok nice one cheers, I heare the T240 samsung is good but that says 5ms! i heard alienware are bringing something out? any one tested it yet
  3. seen an alienware AW2310 3d monitor on ebay for £350 looks pretty neat,
  4. Don't look at response time. Grey to Grey is such a poor measurement since manufacturers can choose whatever grey tone that would give them the most deflated number. While most monitors would have something above 10ms black to black transition.

    There aren't many high contrast monitors on the market. Most are 1000:1, you would be hunting one down and it might not even have other qualities you want. There is dynamic contrast which is a lie. They are basically comparing a off monitor to a on one. I would agree a monitor that is on is a million times brighter than one that is off. Since they are turning off backlights which dims the entire screen, that includes the bight objects as well. If you are talking about bright and dark on the same screen like this black text over white, then I doubt most monitors can do better than 1000:1

    As for 120hz, I think it is worth considering, need a beefy graphics card to reach the high refresh rate though.

    Now you have a 3007WFP which is a very nice IPS panel. 16.7 million colors and amazing viewing angle.

    All 2ms and 120hz monitors are cheap TN panels which has watered down colors. 256k colors instead of 16.7 million. Those cheap TN panels has to mix the 256k colors to mimick colors it can't display and you get stuff like banding and checker boards instead of solid colors.

    The question is really between refresh rate or amazing color. I hear asus is making a 27" IPS panel with 120hz later in the year. I am looking forward to something like that, you might want to hold off too.

    I also don't see what is wrong with a 30" panel. Your KDR probably won't improve with a faster panel. I game just fine on my 30", my KDR in BF2 is 3.8 and BFBC2 is 3.0. To be honest, once you go 30" you can't go back.
  5. With what was said above, I think the Dell U2410 is the apex of what you are looking for. it is a fantastic 24" monitor with an IPS panel.
  6. Rofl_My_Waffle, im sure I know you from somewhere, name sounds familiar, can't be too many about.

    Thanks for your detailed answer, I'll in to the 24" ips darthpiggie mentioned.

    I'm hoping to release some equity to be honest, and possibly sell my 4870x2 and get a 5870 I've noticed they're both going for about the same amount second hand.

    I briefly looked over the different types of screen a few years ago as I wanted to invest in a HDTV, I think I came to the conclusion that IPS was the way forward back then but couldn't find , I don't fully remember why, 8 bit over 6 bit pixels or something.... maybe It was Rofl_My_Waffle who wrote that, that might explain where I know him from.

    ...........is there a buying selling section here on the forum?
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