Catalyst 10.5 and my 5850

After installing 10.5 on my XFX 5850 black my gpu clock has risen from 157MHz to 400 at idle.
Not only does this effect my idle temp but also my power consumption.
WTF! needless to say i have reverted back to 10.4 with no issues.
Not to sure about this latest update as i've read lots of displeasure in the last 24hrs.

Any ideas ? sounds like a hot-fix to me!
Kinda wanted this release for game bug fixes i've been experiencing.
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    its a fix for multi monitor support, but effects cards powering only single monitors aswell.

    Oh and apperantly if you revert back to stock speed (725/1000) your idle clocks will once again be 157/300

    I went back to 10.4's as I want to overclock and don't want the extra heat and power usage.
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  3. Yes sir that explains it all!
    Noticed that too when i set back to 765 from 775 idle was normal.

    Thanks for your speedy response.
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