Ati 4870 temperature problems.

I have an adequate cooling layout in my case, and there is a 120mm fan right infront of my ati 4870 card. But i'm getting temperatures idling 70 degrees. I bought this card second hand, it's in great condition. Running the fan at 25 percent. Installed Cod 4 again and started playing it but it quit the game two times while i was playing it. Must have been temperatures exceeding over maximum limit? it's a gecube ati 4870 so it looks exactly like the official ati 4870 with sock cooler. I could have the fan running at 35 percent but that's quite loud. Even still i think the computer would crash as i only played 2 minutes of COD before it crashed. Perhaps running out 50 percent, but that would be way way to loud and i mean really loud. Louder than the GTS 250 at 100 percent! Can anyone suggest to me what to do? Is this common with this card to experience high temperatures even in good cooled cases? I don't want to buy water cooling i havn't got the money, i just want to know that there must be something suspicious that i am getting temperatures this high.
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  1. Hmmmm try a x1900xt now those sound like a natural gas turbine when spooling up. If you want silent then you are going to have to go after market such as a zalman vf1000.
  2. i put the fan on 35 percent, when the game crashes i see the temp is on 70. This is odd. Must be some driver or something is conflicting?
  3. that's not necessarily true i had my gts 250 working on 25 percent and had 45 idling temperatures. This is in a matx case too. I have a cooler master elite 342 but i have a modular psu and wires are really nicely tidied up inside the case. Enough space between hard drives and cpu cooler for a small tower cpu cooler.
  4. ???????
  5. well sorted it out now. I don't know how, it was not straight forwards. I'm sure there was something wrong with graphics card. i was getting lots of red and pink colours flashing in images. But sorted out now after countless reinstallations of drivers and one use of driver sweeper
  6. ok anyway apart from that i'd like people who have an ati 4870 card to tell me what temperatures they usually get on average on a bearable fan noise level. Just want to compare it to mine. For me now i think i get about 57 idle after i've played a game and given sometime for temperatures to settle down. Really odd because i've been seeing loads of different temperature readings. Sometimes 87 load, sometimes 71 load. But the games i have been playing are fairly demanding so they should all tax the graphics card 100 percent.
  7. You should check which production series you got on your 4870. The early editions (and you got yours 2nd hand) had a temperature problem, which had something to do with the cooling system of the card itself.

    I have the newer production series, and mine hasn't reached 40 degrees idle yet. Not even sure it reaches 55 in action :D.

    You could also take a closer look at your Case-airflow. I have this bigtower with enough options for coolers and airflow. In my case, 2x 80mm hd coolers and 1x 120mm rear cooler.
    And check your coolers... make sure the ones in front take in the cold air and those in the back release the hot air. If you built them in the wrong way, they will blow hot air into your case ;)

    Good luck with your cooling!
  8. Yeah,I just upgraded from hd4350 to hd 4870.( 1gig ddr5)
    Mine idles at 62 c and under load 72 - 78 c.(Dirt 2 and Far cry 2)
    fan runs on automatic 56% under load,45% idle
    seems plenty warm to me but have had no issues as far as performance
    would like to try some software utility that would allow me to set fan speed as well as shutdown GPU
    when not needed
    is this possible?
  9. it's alright now lol, i bought an arctc accelero twin turbo pro. Temperatures are about 15 degrees cooler. At load never goes above 70 degrees either. ATI control panel should be able to adjust fan speed. It must do because it works with my cooler, even my third party cooler as well. I know it seems stupid i have gone out and bought another thing lol, but it was definately worth getting that arctic accelero. It looks alot better as well, and just by looking at it you think, this is definately going to cool my graphics chip better not just because it looks good but because the heatsink is about 3 times bigger and it has 2 larger fans for starters.
  10. haha that chieftec looks oversized. Probably the norm now for gaming pcs. but i'm doing fine with my matx cooler master elite 342!!! Makes sense if you just want a single graphics card configuration, especialy since there is a enough depth as well for a good (wide and medium height) cpu cooler. I was thinking to be honest, there wouldn't be anything different if i had got a larger case and done cfx with dual cards, afterall same operating system and processor, and i play on a 19 inch monitor, wouldn't have seen an improvement in games lol since the monitor only displays 75herts. Would have probably been able to enable 8 aa though. But anyway.
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