BSOD could it be from a failing hard

previously after a format my computer was consistently shutting down, until i set the bios in failsafe configurations.
every thing have been working fine for a few month, until recently sometime i heard the hard-drive making some noize and then a BSOD.
here is an image of a S.M.A.R.T. scan
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  1. The SMART values are not always reliable because the way the numerical values are generated and represented by different manufacturers. The BEST thing for you to do, is to get a copy of UBCD (free) and run Seagate specific diagnostics for the HDD to see if Seagate diagnostics thinks there is a problem.

    Another way, if your computer will boot to the desktop, is to download the free Seagate tools from Seagate for your hard drive. Just head to seagate website and look for it under support somewhere. This way you will know for sure if there is an issue with the HDD.
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