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I have this Acer E500 a old computer.I will be using it till i have $ to build a new computer.But recently theres some IT sales and i saw some 5:1 speakers at discounted prices.But i was told I need to have 3 3.5mm jack to plug it into my computer or I could only use 2 speakers...and a sound card was needed.But when i saw the sound card. I saw several different coloured jack when I thought it will be all green.My Computer also have 6 jack with other colours.So my question is what are these other colours for, grey,Black,Blue and orange.I know green is audio and Red is mike so please tell me thanks.Sorry if my english was bad.
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  1. In order from my Gigabyte P45 manual:
    Orange - Center/subwoofer out
    Black - Rear L/R out
    Gray - Side L/R out
    Blue - Line in
    Green - Line out and Front L/R
    Pink - Mic in
  2. Ok so orange is for the subwoofer and middle speaker. Black is for the back Gray for the side.Whats blue again?What do you mean by line in and line out.
  3. line in - two channel audio input
    line out - two channel audio output (you two front speakers)
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