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Hello, before everything, pardon my English, it isn't my main language and I don't write it usually.
I have a homebuilt PC I've been using for the past three years without problems, processor: a Celeron at 2.6 ghz, 1 gb ram (1 Kingston stick, DDR), a 80 GB Maxtor HD, my MoBo is a CBs P4M800PRO-M478.
One day I was looking to videos on Youtube with headphones on and my pc freezed and emmited something like static through my 'phones. I tried resetting but it didn't work, so I had to turn it off from behind the case. However, I tried turning it on again, it turned on but it didn't emitted the two beeps it usually emits(the bios post, right?) so I turned it off. I opened the case and used air to clean it, from a safe distance of course, and checked was connected correctly. Tried to turn it on several times, once it got to the select os screen, I picked the first choice (Windows Xp, second choice is XP, also xD) and it freezed, other time it ran like it was fine, but restarted after a couple of minutes and then rebooted and didn't made the Bios beeps. For what I've read it could be the psu, the processor or the MoBo itself. However I don't have a lot of money right now, Is there a safe way to know what's wrong? I don't have any other PC's to test the other psu's or MoBo's or whatever.
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  1. Your English is fine. First thing that you can do is reseat the RAM or use it in different slot.
  2. Thank you all for your replys.

    Funsurfer: I tried that already, swapping places with the other slot (my MotherBoard has 2 DDR slots and 2 DDR2 slots), I also tried using a pencil eraser in the contacts.
    jsc: I tried everything in that thread, except obviously testing the MoBo outside the case and testing the Psu with a paper clip or voltimeter. should I really try that?
    richDrizzy: No, it doesnt smell burnt, it's possible that the psu could be burnt to some degree and yet it could still turn on fully sometimes?
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