Dual Monitor Setup (Vga and DVI Socket)

Hi guys, I have a Palit GTS 250 card with a vga and dvi socket. I currently have one monitor hooked up to the system via the dvi socket. I intend on buying another tft and plug it in via the vga socket of course. Will I get optimum quality from my new tft despite it will be plugged to the vga ? Thanks for your replies.
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  1. Anyone on this please ?
  2. It has some HDMI port on the backside, don't know what it is used for exactly. Here are some further specs about my GPU...http://www.palit.biz/main/vgapro.php?id=1161#spec
  3. Thanks. I think that will do the trick then
  4. Dual monitors will work (max two in your case) regardless of the connector used. Right now I used DVI to VGA adapters on both ports. ATI works the same way.
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