Phenom II x2 555BE vs. Athlon II x3 445

I'm not entirely sure wich of the aforemented cpu's is the better for some rts and mmorpg gaming, can anyone help me out?
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  1. For gaming the Phenoms have an edge over the Athlons. If you are not overclocking then 555BE for me.
  2. yeah, well, i'm OC'ing, but on air.
  3. I'd go with the athlon and hope to be able to unlock for four cores. in most mmos the cpu gets little demand, hoever in rts games the cpu is the lynch pin, in the end it depends on if the rts is threaded, if it is then 3 core would win assuming the 4th core doesn't work, if your rts of choice doesn't thread then BE is the way to go

    personally i'd go 3 core for future use anyway but what do i know i rock a single core on a 754 socket >_<
  4. ... isn't it possible to unlock a third and even a fourth core on a 555be?
  5. yes, in fact theoredically you could get the 555be to unlock both dormant cores and overclock stabily, i am just mroe the play it safe kind of guy and would take a guarunteed at least 3 cores/possibly 4core over a 2 core/possible 3 or 4 core but its your money and your risk to take, if the be does unlock and overclock well it'd be the better chip
  6. Unlocking depends on your mobo, what mobo do you have? I unlocked mine but not all of them can be unlocked.
  7. i'm probably going to buy a Asus m4a77t, not really thought about that, just took a cheap am3.
  8. It's good for unlocking, it has the ASUS Core Unlocker.
  9. okay, ty and i'll buy it then.
  10. just because the board can unlock doesn't mean there will be a functioning core on the cpu, but good luck i hope whichever cpu you decide becomes a quad !
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