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Ideas for a $900 Gaming PC?

Hey all, lately ive been thinking about putting a new gaming pc together in the next couple of months and im just looking for some ideas?
I'm looking at spending around $1300 New Zealand (or $900 US I think...)

Ive been looking at a few builds on (New Zealand equivalent of ebay) as its hard to find an online pc company that sells in New Zealand at a descent price.

Im thinking about something with the following
- AMD Phenom 965
- Radeon HD 5770
- Motherboard that supports crossfire so i can chuck another 5770 in later.
- NZXT Lexa S case (or similar)

Heres kind of the sort of thing im looking at.

Its hard to find a online PC company that sells in New Zealand at a descent price.

Any system ideas of around this price range or suggestions for good PC websites that sell in New Zealand would be greatly appreciated :)

Note: Im not looking for monitors, mouses/ keyboards, software.
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    No idea what prices are like over there, but in general

    Athlon II x3
    GA-790 UD4 mobo
    G skill RAM 1600 cas 7. If no G Skill anything but OCZ.
    Antec 300 case
    Spinpoint F3 or 7200.12 500gb HD.
    OCZ modxsteam or fatal1ty line PSU on the cheap end.
    Corsair, Thermaltake toughpower or seasonic at a slightly higher price.
    Cheapest SATA burner you can find.
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