What boot priority should ssd be?

in my bios i have

USB:Generic SD/MM


Sata: 3m-OCZ Vertex

which order should they be in in my bios boot priority.

im thinking sata then cd then usb.

is this correct.
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  1. Most people will leave the cd/usb above the hard drive. Generally if you are booting to a cd/usb key you aren't doing it frequently, but if you want to do that you just need to put the device in and it will boot to it, rather then having to go into the bios an move it up in the boot order.

    The way you've got it setup currently is how I would leave it.
  2. tomatthe ist right, your boot order looks fine. I just wanted to add, that many USB devices are recognized as hdds, so you need to change boot order of hdds, which is in another tab.
  3. ok thanks for the help
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