CPU FAn mystake :(?

OK what Happened is that I started my PC, everything was fine, But since I just moved I checked my CPU temps just in case. My CPU was in fact overheating. I shutted down my computer, Opened the case and noticed that the CPU Fan Wasnt Plugged in . I plugged it then I started my computer.

Nothing shows on the screen, the CPU fan only makes half a turn then stop , and my comp restart every 10 sec or so.

The 2 other fans work and when I plug the fan in another slut it works but the comp keeps restarting

I have a Cooler Master Heatsink and a Gygabytes GA EP45 UD3R Motherboard.

I waited 10 minutes for my pc to cooldown but no change.

Please Help me
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  1. What is your full system specs along with PSU brand and rating. Think this is the PSU dying.
  2. Antec Truepower 750,
    GTX 275 NVidia
    4G ram G. Skill DDR2
    EP45 UD3r motherboard.

    That's all I get think off , If you have more question , Please ask.

    And what do I do To be sure it's my CPU is there a way besides changing my Motherboard?

    Thank you . even tho the news arent good :(

    But it's weird , it was working , I reseted , then nothing . how could this happend ?
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    This also sounds symptomatic of a bad overclock. You have tried to clear the BIOS right? If not, unplug the PC, hold in the power button for about 3 seconds, short the cmos reset jumper, plug back in, power on. If it was the BIOS it should now work. I hope you haven't fried the CPU.

    However, IF the heat sink was attached properly it could have dissipated enough heat to save the cpu for say ~ 1 minute before any damage could have happened. Also, current CPU's have a built in heat shutdown thingy. If you are overclocking, and judging by your specs it appears that you might be, then the damage may have been a result from too much voltage rather than too much heat. I managed to fry an e5200 with practically those specs a year or so ago on my rommies PC :|, and it was with as little as 1.35 V.

    Hope it helps!
  4. Thx Bentley , Im out of town , i'll try reseting my bios on monday.

    But I beleive I have 2 bios , the second one should startup when something like that happens.

  5. Just got back in town. Started my computer , and Bingo it was working. I changed nothing. that's weird.

    But I beleive my second BIOS is the one in charge now because im not overcloaked anymore.

    How could this happens? I mean it was working fine for the pass year or so. then boom my overcloak isnt working anymore ? :O

    Well Thank you Anyway.
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  7. Sometimes it just happens! Ghost in the machine I suppose.


    What usually happens is a power fluctuation send your overclocked pc just past the point of no return. Chances are, your overclock was just past the edge of stable (a good place to keep it!). Something may have happened to send it over the edge, hosing your overclock. If it were me, I would put all the settings just where they were and prime test it for a while.
  8. Yeah I reseted my bios now it works fine. Ill keep it like that until I need more power :P

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