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Hey forum!

i got a question for yah.

im getting a new case and have a Ati Radeon HD 5870.

I wanted to get a cm Storm Scout but its to small.

Now i have 2 cases i like.

CM HAF 922:

Fractal Design Define R2:

I can get the HAF 922 for like 30 euros cheaper.

But i dont really like the inside of the case, any ideas?
Or other cases?
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  1. Fractal design is a superbly understated case, really quiet, but dont expect it to deliver the lowest temps. (Its man aim is to deliver the quietest PC.)

    The Haf 922 is a gamer case, with the sole aim of providing the lowest temps.
    I take it you mean you dont like the silver inside?
    The options are:
    1. Live with it (its hard to see the silver), becasue it really is a fantastic case
    2. Paint the inside of the haf 922 (which i did)
    3. Buy a differernt case. The Antec 900 two is comparable to the haf, and it has a black interior. The silverstone Raven Rv02 is also pretty good.
  2. Yea i think im gonna get the haf.
    But is painting it black hard? Cuz ive never done anny pc modding
  3. naah, its pretty easy, it was my 1st time aswel
    1st. you need to remove all the plastic bits, the front facias fans etc. Very easy, just undo all the screws/clips
    2nd. you need to lightly sand down the metal interior and the insides of the doors (cos its galvanised steel)
    3rd. mask off EVERYTHING that you dont wanth the paint to get to. (mobo standoffs, io panel, fan holes, psu foam stands) Then paper cover and mask off all the original black parts of the case (top, doors etc) as you do not want paint running over the edges and ruining the look.
    4th. Buy a paint on galvanised steel primer, and then paint everything. You shouldnt need a second coat, as this adds another layer of pain inside the case, and you may find that components may not fit back in.
    5th. Buy a nice matte black/grey spray can, and go over the primer once it is properly dry. (I found that 1 layer of the haf = 1 can), you should need 2 coats
    6th. Once dry, put everythign back on, and job done.

    If you want to see the results, chech the haf case near the bottom of this thread
  4. wow thanks for the tips man!
  5. no worries, i know its daunting when you start, and you think, "is it worth it", but for a perfectionist like me, the answer was a definite yes! (as you can see by looking at it)
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