GTS 250 or HD 5770

Looking to upgrade from the 7600 mostly play MMOs and want to go high on detail but the resolution doesn't have to go over the 16xx range. cant decide between the GTS 250 and HD 5770. Would playing at a low resolution benefit from the 5770 or would I not really see a difference between the two cards when using 14xx and 16xx resolutions. Price difference is around $50 from the 250 to 5770.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: next couple of days BUDGET RANGE:under $150 Before Rebates

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming playing Aion now, getting around 40 FPS on lowest settings.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Nvidia 7600gt cooler master 600w PSU

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Intel Core 2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz 2GB ram MoBo: gigabyte ga 965p case: 21 inch LCD monitor LG w2052tq

prefer in the us,

no overclocking not looking for sli or crossfire at this time

resolution is not such a big deal although would like to be able to go big if needed 1440x900, 1600x1200, 1680x105o
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  1. if you plan to upgrade your CPU soon, get the ATI 5770
    if you plan to keep it for a while, the GTS 250 is fine.
    currently your CPU is crippling your modern gaming performance
    2GB of RAM is fine if you are running Win XP 32 bit

    make sure the 5770 is a 2.0 card, stay away from the 2.1 versions since they may have an issue with your mobo
  2. I would agree the 250 would be good with your current setup, the 250 is pretty close the 5750 performance wise

    most MMO's aren't going to really be that graphically stressful, and 250 should be just fine, and as ct1615 already said, a 1.8 ghz dual core would probably bottleneck the 250 alittle,
  3. So I understand that the current CPU I have will bottleneck the 250 a little but will i still get a performance boost from upgrading the GPU. would like to be able to get the settings off of low and still have good frame rates.
  4. It will bottleneck any card really depending on the game. 1.8ghz is very low these days. Your motherboard should allow you to overclock however which should be very effective. You may also be able to rather cheaply upgrade to a better processor. There are a few different GA-965P motherboards so tell us which you have.
    For the higher resolutions you mention I would recommend the HD5770 instead although the GTS 250 will still be capable. Are you using an LCD monitor? If so you should really be using the native resolution for best image quality so tell us that. If it is a CRT tell us the highest resolution that supports a decent refresh rate(70hz+)
    This is good deal for the GTS 250 and a rather nice version of the card;
    For the HD5770 I would get this;
    In general the HD5770 is about 20-25% faster. It is also DX11 compatible and uses less power.
  5. Hey, i'm planning to upgrade my video card too, and i was thinking about these 2 cards too, except i found that the HD 5770 is higher in all benchmarks than the GTS 250, but do you recommend the 5770 for my pc, its spec:
    Proc AMD Athlon II X4 2.8GHz
    Memroy 3GB DDR3 (planning to upgrade to 4GB)
    PSU 600W HEC
    my current video card is HD 4670 1GB DDR3!!!
  6. HD 5770 is a solid buy compared to the GTS 250. Also, as "jyjjy" said, it's a DirectX 11 card and it only uses 18 watts of power in 2D mode.
  7. if you have the money definately go for ati 5770, if it's jsut a bit more expensice save up and go for it. Are you just expecting us to say 5770 lol you just want to here it again and again lol, because i'd struggle to think of anyone else recommending firstly an outdated nvidia card and also more worth for it's price 5770 card.
  8. well because at 1.8 ghz the cpu would probably bottleneck the 250 let alone the more powerful 5770. So why spend an extra 50 dollars for the same performance. now of course if your worry about power consumption or are going to be using 3 monitors then go for the 5770. but the 5770 can't really handle real tessellation so the benefits of dx 11 are also minimized
  9. obviously HD 5770
  10. Thank you guys, but for the vga card would you recommend Gigabyte of XFX coz they are the ones availabe for me and the gigabyte is a little cheaper, but is it as good as the XFX?!
  11. between card there is little difference unless it's using a something different than the reference cooler, gigabyte is a very respected company, so it really based on your preference towards warrenty, it's cooling solution and of course price
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