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So... I've got a pretty good idea about most things computer related but I've gotta admit that Motherboards get the better of me. I want to replace my M3A-H/HDMI because it is proving to be pretty poor for overclocking and doesn't support multiple graphics cards. I've been trawling through the web and found tons of Motherboards but i don't know a good one from a bad one and want to make sure everything will work and that it's a real upgrade and not a sideways move.

Here's what I have so the board needs to be able to accept these components....

AMD Phenom II x4 995 BE 3.2GHz C3 125W
4 x 2GB DDR2 800 RAM
1 x Radeon HD 5770 (needs to have ability to add a second card in Crossfire)
Arctic Freezer Pro 7 Rev 2.
Antec 900 Case
Corsair TX650W PSU

I think that's all that's relevant but if you need to know anything else let me know. I basically want the best gaming performance motherboard that works with the above spec. I don't really want to splash out on DDR3 (yet anyway) and have a budget of around £120 but will stretch a bit further if it's really worth it. Onboard graphics not needed.

Any suggestions???
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    Get that will make your rig scream
  2. Why bother - just sell your current 5770 and get a single card HD6870/GTX 560 or better for better performance and save yourself a buckletload of cash / time.

    Overclocking on Phenom II x4 chips gives limited returns anyway (compared to overclocking beasts like i5 / i7s).

    Save your money for a proper upgrade a to DDR3 / AM3+ Bulldozer build down the track
  3. asantesoul said:

    Get that will make your rig scream

    Looks like a great board!!! It's DDR3 though....
  4. i only found one with crossfire... (
    the 4x slot may be a bottleneck to your second gpu
    it would be a good idea to get a newer mobo with DDR3, as DDR3 is faster and very inexpensive
  5. Thanks everyone, talking this out is really helping getting me focussed on what I really need!

    So, if it was a choice between selling my old HD 5770 and replacing with a better single card with my existing MB and RAM or getting a new AM3 board and new DDR3 RAM but keeping my 5770 (for now) what would you go for?

    I've got 8gb ddr2 at the mo. If I choose the DDR3 route is it necessary have 8gb again or would 4gb do the job for gaming? Would it seen a step down from 8gb ddr2?
  6. Like I said...theres absolutely no sense in pouring more money into that machine just to be able to run 5770 CF...when for the same money you get a single card that would smash 5770 CF....

    Edit: At this stage if you are going to full monty with a motherboard/RAM upgrade you'd have to go i5 2500k or better to justify it....the x4 955 is not worth blowing more money on. Just upgrade your single GPU to a new single GPU.....
  7. 120$ for a second 5770 + 140$ for new motherboard = $260
    (minus a bit for your old motherboard) = say $230
    *+more if you have to switch to DDR3*


    $250 6950 (minus say $60 for your 5770) = $190

    Easy choice considering the 6950 would give the CF 5770 a raping.
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