Asus EAH5850 Top DCU install

Hi All.. Just bought a ASUS EH5850 DCU to go on my Asus P5W DH Deluxe board... Now this should work but I'm having trouble with the install >..<..

I replace my X1950 Pro with the new card go to boot the machine up and all i get is a continuous beep and no display... I thought it could be mis seated and tried that a number of times...

Currently running a 6600 dual core intel processor 4 gb Ram and 650W power supply on windows 7 enterprise..

Any ideas what the issue could be???
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  1. I am having this exact problem... did you end up solving the issue??
  2. Did you remember to hook up the power cables to the card? If it doesn't get power or enough power from both connecters it will beep. It also might not be seated well.
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