I7 Q720 Vs I5 430M

Which laptop should I get:

1. Intel i5 430M, 4g Ram, 500g hardrive and ATI Mobility Radeon


2. Intel i7 Q720, 3g Ram, 200g hardrive and 1.0GB, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics card.

I would be using for gaming on games like COD MW2 and battlefield 2 but also for school work.
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  1. Hello L4Star;
    Both laptops are good choices for school work - no problems there.
    Both laptops will play COD:MW2 OK on low settings. BF:BC2 - maybe not so much. Thats a rough game for a laptop to handle.
    Overall I think the i7 720M/HD 5470 is the better gaming option.

    Mobilty Radeon HD 4570
    Mobility Radeon HD 5470
  2. I agree with WR2
    Both 4570M and 5470M are low-end cards for gaming, but 5470M is faster so go with the second option.
  3. Ok thank you both. Will the 1g difference of Ram make up for anything or not.
  4. In gaming no,there isn't a huge difference between them.
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