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I have a WD My Book external hard drive and about half a year ago it accidentally got dropped onto the floor and ever since then it's been floating in and out of consciousness; I have to make sure the cord is pushed in very well and then it basically works, but it hasn't been perfect and still sometimes just doesn't show up on My Computer, etc. Anyway, I was using it today and it stopped showing up on My Computer so I plugged it out and in and now - it doesn't show up as "MY BOOK" which it usually does, it just shows up as "Drive D", or whichever drive I plug it into. When I try to open it it says that it cannot be opened until I format it. I have tons of photos and things saved on the hard drive and I definitely do not want to erase them; is there any way to bypass the Format message and get the files off the hard drive and to safety??? I'd really appreciate any advice or ideas!
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    the controller board in the case may have failed. i would if the unit is out of warranty or you need the info i would open the case and pull the hard drive and connect it to your mb. if the drive still says it needs to be formatted try running Recuva to recover the hard drive.
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  3. Thanks for answering. I was afraid to mess with it in the end so took it to a computer repair place. 260 bucks. Pretty terrible. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks anyway.
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