Making my PC quieter

Hi guys

First of all, let me point out that I'm a real novice on this subject.

Would appreciate some help please from an expert.

My PC's motherboard came with software called Asus EPU-4 and I'd like to use it when I'm using my PC to stream TV over the web as the 'auto' mode in EPU-4 makes my PC a lot quieter and less intrusive.

My PC seems stable when EPU-4 is in auto mode, it doesn't reboot or shut down or do anything odd, but there's an annoyance.

When I put EPU-4 in to auto mode, my PC's internal beep keeps going beep-beep-beep-beep every few minutes or so. I believe it happens each time the load on the PC is changed and when the fan's are changing speed. I think it's some sort of warning that my fan is going too slowly. It's the exact beep-beep-beep-beep sound I have always heard when I first turn the computer on and the fan is speeding up.

Is my assumption correct? Or should I worry? How do I stop the beep-beep-beep-beep? Have looked in the BIOS and can't see a setting to change. Help needed please...

Many thanks, Terry

ASUS M4A79XTD EVO Mainboard - AMD 790X CrossFireX- AM3 Phenom™ II, DDR3 - ATX
8GB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM - ( 4x2GB )
Xtreme Performance Pack- Cool IT Domino CPU Advanced Liquid Cooler
AMD Phenom™ II X4 965 Black Quad Core Processor AM3 (3.40GHz, 8MB Cache)
Thermaltake Element 'S' Gaming Chassis + 950W PSU
2 x 1GB ATI Radeon HD5770 Graphics Accelerator
2TB (2x 1000GB) Serial ATA 2 Hard Drive with 32MB Buffer - Raid 1 Configuration (Mirror)
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  1. You may not like my solution, which is the quick and dirty method, but;
    why don't you just pull the speaker connector from the MB?
    You don't actually need it to issue it's one beepm during boot. In fact, until recently, I have never installed a speaker in a computer I made! If, years down the road, something goes wrong, you can just plug it back in to get the diagnostic code...
  2. Thanks Noworlder - I'd be happy to do that, would need to learn how, but not a problem - however, I was hoping to first hear from someone else using EPU-4 or other automatic fan speed control software to find out for sure why my computer keeps beeping.
  3. Duh...if you're getting those 4-Beeps you've got some component failure because the EPU-4 {my guess the CF HD 5770} is starving components and in doing so can 'may' cause damage. Otherwise something may be overheating; check all temps.

    Regarding the Cool IT Domino, I would assume you either need set CPU Q-Fan Mode -> Enabled / Performance or use a SYS_FAN Header, but I don't know if the EPU-4 regulates the SYS_FAN Header; therefore if it does then use a Molex connector straight off the PSU to power the Cool IT Domino.

    Use HWMonitor to review ALL of the Temps -

    Q - Is/Are the CPU and/or GPUs OC?
  4. All a bit confusing for me, maybe I just need to put up with the noise! Don't want to risk damage!

    The only change I can see with that HWMonitor after putting EPU-4 in to auto mode is that the one fan it records on my system labelled FANIN0 goes to around 2596RPM from 6192RPM so I guess that is the huge red fan on the top of my case which makes the computer sounds so damn intrusive?

    Is there any noise control software apart from Asus EPU-4? Something that monitors the temperatures and won't let them get too high!
  5. i droped the ball on you bigtime, expeditionist.. I mistakenly thought you were saying the beeping was intermitent. Sorry.
    Let me say though that jaquith is corrent in right that you need to download HWmonitor, install it, and report all fo the temperatures to us. A screen shot would be nice.
    Something is wrong.
  6. expeditionist said:
    FANIN0 goes to around 2596RPM from 6192RPM

    :o The only fan I know of that's 6000 RPM is a Delta @ 60+ dBA!!! So I assume FANIN0 => CPUFANIN0 per HW monitor.

    My guess is that the CPU Fan Cool IT Domino is making all of the noise.

    Solution - You need good airflow with a slightly 'negative' pressure; meaning more air {CFM 'Cubic Feet / Minute} bowing out than in. I like Scythe fans. If as I mentioned the 'pump' isn't getting adequate power or circulation {see your settings & manual} then the radiator fan will spin its brains out to cool off a hot CPU.

    Specs - ; none of the fans are greater than 1300 RPM and the Top fan is 230mm rated at 800 RPM, and the loudest is 16 dBA :heink:

    Q - Where is the 3-pin of the Cool IT Domino connected?
    Q - What Operation Mode are you using on the Cool IT Domino? Try both Quiet, Performance and Full to compare noise & Temps.
    Q - Did you replace your fans?
    Q - What fan(s) is/are making all the noise?
    Q - Is the Radiator clean and free of DUST on BOTH sides?

    Q-Fan [Disabled] ; what I posted earlier included addition steps to insure FULL power.
    Per the manual:
    Important: In order to power the system, select an appropriate 3 or 4‐pin fan
    header to connect Domino A.L.C.. Confirm that all Thermal Regulation systems
    (e.g., Smart Fan or Q‐Fan) are disabled and the header is configured to
    deliver 100% power. Refer to BIOS information in your Motherboard manual
  7. Thanks noworlder and jaquith

    I'm going to take some time and think on how to proceed.

    I bought the computer ready built 14 months ago and have never fiddled inside - will need to do some study if I'm gonna do that as I don't have much knowledge about it and don't quite understand all you're telling me.

    I was hoping to just make my PC run more quietly using some software with a safety measure built in, but guess that's not possible then.

  8. Again, what's making all the noise? Is it the CPU/radiator fan or the HD5770's GPU fans? If the HD 5770's or CPU are overclocked then this is a sign of poor overall cooling, or dust/dirt. Further, if the PC has been progressively getting louder then it's defiantly dust/dirt.

    Poor circulation - remove the side panel, if it gets quieter then this is a sure sign of poor or blocked airflow.
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